Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Why Sponsor With Yancey Humane Society?

Corporate sponsors play an important role in the many programs and services we provide to the pets and their people in our community. Your support will provide funding to spread awareness of animal treatment and safety, supply medicine for our shelter animals who are injured and in pain, provide food and toys for the shelter pets who are scared and depressed, plus so much more! Your support will directly benefit not only our shelter animals but also the animals and people in our community. 

  • GIVE BACK to your community by helping the animals who need it most
  • INCREASE your brand exposure and elevate your corporate identity within the community
  • STRENGTHEN your company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen to your customers, employees, and local residents 
  • JOIN THE MOVEMENT to change lives and make a real impact for animals in need

Sponsorship Subscriptions for Annual Sponsors

Annual sponsors receive the following benefits; recognition on the Yancey Humane Society website, recognition on the welcome sign within the shelter, recognition and thank you with your name/logo in every newsletter that goes out (whether electronic or paper), and social media recognition.

closeup photo of brown and black dog face

Tail Wagging Sponsor | $500

Examples of what a Tail Wagging Sponsorship could pay for: 

  • 10 spay/neuter surgeries
  • 6 complete animal intakes 
  • 20 intake shots and microchips
  • 18 bags of Science Diet food
  • 125 rabies shots at public clinics
close up photo of cute sleeping cat

The Cat’s Meow Sponsor | $1000

Examples of what a Cat’s Meow Sponsorship could pay for: 

  • 20 spay/neuter surgeries
  • 12 complete animal intakes 
  • 40 intake shots and microchips
  • 36 bags of Science Diet food
  • 250 rabies shots at public clinics
short coated tan dog

Friend in Need Sponsor | $1500

Examples of what a Friend in Need Sponsorship could pay for: 

  • 30 spay/neuter surgeries
  • 18 complete animal intakes 
  • 60 intake shots and microchips
  • 54 bags of Science Diet food3 major dental surgeries
white cats lying on the rug

Lend a Paw Sponsor | $2000

Examples of what a Lend a Paw Sponsorship could pay for: 

  • 40 spay/neuter surgeries
  • 24 complete animal intakes 
  • 2 lifesaving courses of heartworm treatment 
  • 4 major dental surgeries
  • 1 orthopedic surgery
shallow focus photography of white dog s paws

Pawsitivity Sponsor | $2500

Examples of what a Pawsitivity Sponsorship could pay for: 

  • 50 spay/neuter surgeries
  • 30 complete animal intakes 
  • 2-3 lifesaving courses of heartworm treatment 
  • 5 major dental surgeries
  • 1-2 orthopedic surgeries