Planned Giving

Want to leave a lifesaving legacy for the homeless animals in Yancey County? Then consider Planned Giving which is a way for you to give the gift of your legacy through a structured financial arrangement. If you choose to make the Yancey County Humane Society (YCHS) a beneficiary in your estate planning, you will be helping to ensure a safe and happy future for animals in need, not only for today, but well into the future. 

If you have a financial advisor or legal representative, they will be able to offer assistance to you to ensure that your charitable donation is set up in the correct manner. If you don’t already have a financial advisor, we have partnered with Craig Associates in Asheville, NC to help you with this process.  They will be happy to talk with you about how you can gift part (or all) of your estate to non-profits, to include the YCHS.  They offer a free estate planning workshop every other Saturday or you can schedule another time with them that may be more convenient for you.  Just contact Justin Laman at 828-944-4876 or email him at justin@chriscraiglawcom. The link to the seminar information is The information on the law firm is as follow:

Craig Associates, PC
149 S Lexington Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

Below are just a few examples of Planned Giving options that you can discuss further with your financial advisor.

  • Will or Trust – By including the YCHS in your will or trust, your contribution will continue to provide financial assistance to the homeless animals for years to come.
  • Life Insurance – Listing the YCHS as a beneficiary, either in full or in part, is a simple way to provide financial assistance to animals in need.
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions
  • Bank and Investment Accounts
  • Retirement Assets or IRA Rollover
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Gift of Business or Real Estate

When creating or adjusting your will or estate plan, you will need to include the following information:

Legal Entity: Yancey County Humane Society

Address: 211 Kind Hearts Way
Burnsville, NC 28714

Federal Tax ID: 58-1615767

Including the YCHS in your will or trust is an impactful way to help animals in need in our community and we would be so grateful if you chose us.