The Shelter

The grounds include a large outdoor dog park, which boasts covered spaces for sitting, ample flat grassy space for off-leash playing, dog waste bag dispensers, toys, and even a beautiful pond and waterfall. 

Bales of grass or hay bake golden in the sun. Forests and mountains break up the center line of the phone with fluffy white clouds filling a light blue sky

The shelter is located on one INCREDIBLY beautiful patch of land, nestled under a few majestic Appalachian peaks and alongside a lazy stretch of the Cane River.

Surrounding memorial gardens provide a serene space for visitors to meander or sit peacefully. The space here includes a shaded patio paved with engraved bricks that honor the living and provide a memory of those loved ones who have passed on.

?The Memorial Bell is a beautiful centerpiece of the gardens, lovingly handcrafted and donated by Raven Tata. ?

In the summer of 2013, a local artist and friend of the shelter, Raven Tata (pictured above), donated her time and energy to producing a beautiful Memory Bell for our Memorial Garden area.  Located on the east side of the shelter, the Memorial Garden is a place for quiet rest and contemplation and to remember or honor humans and pets that we have loved. 

The Memory Bell is made from iron and a recycled oxygen tank. There are symbols on both sides that are designed by Raven to represent life and death. The bottom panels represent the river that flows behind the shelter and the River of Life flowing in each direction.  On the south side panel, there is a tree of life with no leaves, representing a time of death and a rising sun symbol in the east. On the north side panel there is a new leaf, representing new life and a setting sun in the west. The top of the bell is sculpted like an opening bud. And if you stand on the north side and look through the bell you can see layers of mountain ridges symbolizing this beautiful area that we call home.

Sadly, Raven has passed away from cancer. The Memory Bell now stands as a beautiful reminder of her in addition to the others honored in the garden.

Come enjoy the space with your animal companions!

All outdoor spaces are open to the public, and spayed and neutered dogs are recommended. We do use the fenced in parks to provide the shelter dogs some much needed exercise, however the public is welcome to bring their personal pets any day before 1:00 pm and after 4:00 pm.