Simple Steps to Be a Volunteer

Click the button above to submit a volunteer application.

Once you have been approved as a volunteer, you can click the above button to log in and sign up for organized activities and to capture your volunteer hours. It’s important to track your hours, as we depend on volunteer hours to help us get grants and to evaluate workload needs.

You will be contacted with dates for orientation. Orientation is typically held twice per month. At orientation, you will tour the facility, explore volunteer opportunities, and be given an overview of the YHS policies and procedures.

As an approved Yancey Humane Society Volunteer you do not need anyone’s permission to be AWESOME. Once approved, you may volunteer as much as you like, depending on your lifestyle and interests. We LOVE our volunteers!

What You Can Do

  • Walk & socialize dogs
  • Bathe and groom dogs
  • Chill in the cat rooms (a great place to read a book)
  • Foster an animal
  • Give a shelter animal a weekend getaway
  • Join in a “Tails on Trails” walk
  • Support administrative tasks such as making follow up calls to adopters and fosters
  • Assist the kennel techs with washing dishes and doing laundry
  • Transport animals to places like the vet or their forever homes
  • Help at the Barkin’ Basement
  • Pick up donations from generous businesses like Target and Walmart
  • Assist with off-site adoption events
  • Walk in the Christmas parade